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Advent calender

Posted on 03 December 2012 by Judit

This year I’m not doing any Advent calendar (after 5 years doing it). I have some real excuses. Instead I recommend my friends, Anne Paré‘s ADVENT CALENDAR. Please, enjoy her works:

by Anne Paré

Advent 2010 by Judit Szeles

Advent 2011 by Judit Szeles

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Better to sing a song

Posted on 25 October 2012 by Judit

I strongly believe that culture has a crucial function in the society. Something much more important than pure entertainment. Art, music, expressing yourself is basic human, and it is absolutely crucial for the human mind to stay in balance, and for the human society to function. Whatever is happening in our society in the west right now has to do with underestimating the importance of culture. There is a huge imbalance between elite culture and the individuals’ needs. On the communities and individuals level very little is supported by the political and financial powerholders.

In my community in West-Sweden whenever it is about getting financial support for a cultural event, I often here this answer: we have to prioritize healthcare, school and basic communal services. It is pure shortsightedness not to realize, the health of citizens depends on lack of culture – not in the sense of entertainment, but more self-expression and wholeness.

According to integral theory‘s aesthetic research, “beauty” is  integral part of a human being. In order to function as a whole, this part of us must be activated.

I’m certain about the healing effect of music, art, movement (dance), bibliotherapy, even taking part in theater (dramatherapy).
Audun Myskja, Norwegian consultant, specialist in general medicine, specialist in neurological music therapy, author and musician is a great example how it works with music therapy.

The article about him and his methods are presented in an article recently published at Audun Myskja suggests music can often have better results than pills in certain cases (for ex. dementia).

I’m not against pills, don’t misunderstand me, but what I can see is a big pharmaceutical industry which is built up on wrong attitude and desperate patients. Our attitude to illness, especial mental illness is rather limited.

I would like to see more effort and money in supporting now so called alternative therapy such as culture.

I’m aware of the wrong associations to the word “alternative” itself. I myself would call certain therapies (music therapy in this case) traditional. Simply because for example music was long before any synthetic pills. And because “alternative” can suggest, music is an alternative to pills. It’s not alternative to anything, music is there from the beginning in all of us. Pills can be an alternative in certain cases, a good alternative. But for god’s sake, try the traditional methods first.

It is utterly boastful to close the doors for traditional methods and basic human needs in the name of economy.

Thank you for the music!


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Under the Iceberg

Posted on 23 September 2012 by Judit

This is a reminder that those million lives we have already lived are not the past but the present: they are here and now. They cannot be ignored, denied, silenced or simply locked up in a chest of drawers called Past or Previous Reincarnations. They cannot be left alone, because left alone they can do horrible things – like teenagers left alone without any task. These million lives have no consciousness in the present, but we are able to make them conscious, to give them tasks. Because it is not a coincidence that they are here. That we experience directly is only the surface of the iceberg,  that we are carrying under water is also us.

Whales, skates, seals and other aquatic creatures are able to see what we cannot see only feel: it’s huge and heavy, it’s holding a whole ice surface on the surface of the water . I’m not listening to either the seamen or the seers. I’m listening to the songs of the whales, the delicate vibration os the wings of the skates, and what distance do the school of herrings swimming from me. The border of the million lives is approximately there.

I’ve purchased a sonar. It may be useful. But eventually, you can learn how to hear the sound vibrations with naked ears.

Think that the completeness, that which is already here and now, just we cannot hear it, can be made conscious with improving hearing.
Scratching the surface from down under.

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Posted on 29 July 2012 by Judit

PANNO is a framework of the Good, the True and the Beautiful offering ways of personal development in various fields of communication (verbal, visual – personal, interpersonal, transpersonal).

Our aim is to offer deeper understanding with the help of literature, translation, art and Reiki. This homesite contains two dynamic sites of blogs in English and Hungarian.The Homeless Site and the Jávorszarvaslesen are direct follow ups of two popular Blogger-sites with the same name.

The person behind is Judit Szeles born in Csenger,Hungary in 1969, teacher of English, Hungarian, Literature, artist and author of several pieces of literature and articles. She works as a shaman and Reiki healer in West-Sweden. In her own definition: a trilingual double citizen Buddhist punk.

“Poet, writer, image/imaginary artist, teacher, hobbygardener, buddhist, vegetarian and abstinent, lives on seasonal substitute jobs. She graduated as a teacher of Literature and Linguistics at Debrecen University, Hungary in 2000. Her writings have been published in Hungarian language in various magazines, broadcasted in Hungarian Radio. She has exhibited her visual art in Hungary and Sweden. Since 2003 she lives and works in Sweden. Member of artgroup in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her studio: Rural Pleasures (Bondnöjen), Skee, Sweden.” – Westgate Arts & Culture Group on Multiply.




  • Szél Róza és a számik / Rose Vind and the sami people – mutual project with sami artist, Torgeir Vassvik
  • Isten macskája /God’s Cat – non-classical psychothriller with Nagy István Miklós, Hungarian psychiater living in Denmark
  • Mese / Saga – exhibition of graphics with Arnhild Magrathea Haagensen at Art Ink Tatoo og Galleri Oslo, Norway (Haakon Tveters vei 8, Oslo, Norway)
  • Cooperation with Librarius (posting once a week), Irodalmi Centrifuga and Tükör.nolblog
  • Advent Calendar Project December 2005. – December 2011. This is the 6th year for the Advent Calender project. New painting/drawing every day sent out to friends, collegues during the Advent period. The whole collection can be seen at the category: ADVENT.
  • WOODOLLS // using untreated raw lambwool and ancient Nordic techniques to make dolls of cca. 25 cm. Read more:
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Mina traditionella svenska låtar 1.

Posted on 28 July 2012 by Judit


MIN PAPPA hade dött
innan mamman var född.
Hur blev jag ändå kropp
utan knopp?

JAG undrar
blir det bättre
om jag blundar?

I MÖRKET blir håret svart.
Ögonnen ljuser knapt.
Händerna söker munnen.
Varifrån kommer minnen?

UTVECKLAS valhörsel
och vargtassar.
Mamman knastrar.

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Le Grand Noir

Posted on 11 July 2012 by Judit

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Crime and punishment

Posted on 29 June 2012 by Judit

Do I have to teach you?
Legal responsibility and conscience is not the same.

Others’ life quality is not your legal responsibility, no, but it has an impact on your (guilt)consciousness.
It is called compassion. It can be found deep in the most evil murderer. It wakes up if time comes even in the most cruel human being.

Although madness can be an exception.


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Posted on 26 June 2012 by Judit

An egoistic person is never realistic.
One is blind if she can only see herself.

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Your guilt consciousness

Posted on 16 June 2012 by Judit

Illegal action and sin is not the same. For something illegal you can be punished by the authorities of the society, for sinning is only your consciousness who can forgive.

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This is the place for your ad

Posted on 16 March 2012 by Judit

How did Pilate get into the Credo? – could we ask as well a week ago when in one of Hungary’s prominent daily newpapers the name appeared.

On that day the daily statistics for looked surprisingly high. Way too many visitors for a sunny Saturday morning. Not that it was bad in any way, but of course it makes one curious. It could be clearly seen that the incoming link is from the major left-leaning Hungarian newspaper, Népszabadság. No big surprise either since our editor, Judit Szeles occasionally send in articles to one of the blogs at  Népszabadság – to Tükör (Mirror). When tracking back the article mentioning our website, nevertheless a smaller astonishment hit the place.

It was the article about the shaman of Tuva Republic officially visiting Hungary on Hungary’s national day: 15th March. Gusztáv Megyesi – ex-editor in chief at Élet és Irodalom, now editor and columnist – quoted Jacek Hugo-Bader from our article Sámánok közt (Among shamans, in HU). I myself have been a reader of Megyesi’s articles since I was a child and I like his satirical writings. So no wonder I became overly excited about him mentioning my “tiny, little” website, And it seems I am probably the only one reporting about the Polish journalist’s, Jacek Hugo-Bader book about his adventures in Siberia ( White Fever ). There was a chapter translated into Hungarian in a now not existing weekly (ed. Csontos János), which I happened to read and mentioned in a blog entry. And a short paragraph got saved from the media storm in Hungary.

This made it possible to increase the number of visitors on our home site for the entire weekend and even some more days. Good that some curious readers takes the trouble to track the links and check the original sources. Some of them might well be interested in topics is providing. Being quoted or linked to other sites makes possible that one can find sites of her or his interest.

Gusztáv Megyesi’s article can be found at Népszabadság Online (NOL) under the title: És nemzetközivé lesz…

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