PANNO is a framework of the Good, the True and the Beautiful offering ways of personal development in various fields of communication (verbal, visual – personal, interpersonal, transpersonal). Our aim is to offer deeper understanding with the help of literature, translation, art and Reiki. This homesite contains two dynamic sites of blogs in English and Hungarian.The Homeless Site and the Jávorszarvaslesen are direct follow ups of two popular Blogger-sites with the same name.

The person behind is JUDIT SZELES  born in Csenger,Hungary in 1969, teacher of English, Hungarian, Literature, artist and  author of several pieces of literature and articles.  She works as a shaman and Reiki healer in West-Sweden. In her own definition: a trilingual double citizen Buddhist punk.

List of publications.

“Poet, writer, image/imaginary artist, teacher, medicinewoman, lives on seasonal substitute jobs. She graduated as a teacher of Literature and Linguistics at Debrecen University, Hungary in 2000. Her writings have been published in Hungarian language in various magazines, broadcasted in Hungarian Radio. She has exhibited her visual art in Hungary and Sweden. Since 2003 she lives and works in Sweden. Member of hu.se.t. artgroup in Gothenburg, Sweden.” – Westgate Arts & Culture Group on Multiply.



  • Ilyen svéd, versek, FISZ Kiadó, Budapest,2015.
  • Szextáns, versek.
  • Jávorszarvaslesen, próza.
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