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Better to sing a song

Posted on 25 October 2012 by Judit

I strongly believe that culture has a crucial function in the society. Something much more important than pure entertainment. Art, music, expressing yourself is basic human, and it is absolutely crucial for the human mind to stay in balance, and for the human society to function. Whatever is happening in our society in the west right now has to do with underestimating the importance of culture. There is a huge imbalance between elite culture and the individuals’ needs. On the communities and individuals level very little is supported by the political and financial powerholders.

In my community in West-Sweden whenever it is about getting financial support for a cultural event, I often here this answer: we have to prioritize healthcare, school and basic communal services. It is pure shortsightedness not to realize, the health of citizens depends on lack of culture – not in the sense of entertainment, but more self-expression and wholeness.

According to integral theory‘s aesthetic research, “beauty” is  integral part of a human being. In order to function as a whole, this part of us must be activated.

I’m certain about the healing effect of music, art, movement (dance), bibliotherapy, even taking part in theater (dramatherapy).
Audun Myskja, Norwegian consultant, specialist in general medicine, specialist in neurological music therapy, author and musician is a great example how it works with music therapy.

The article about him and his methods are presented in an article recently published at Audun Myskja suggests music can often have better results than pills in certain cases (for ex. dementia).

I’m not against pills, don’t misunderstand me, but what I can see is a big pharmaceutical industry which is built up on wrong attitude and desperate patients. Our attitude to illness, especial mental illness is rather limited.

I would like to see more effort and money in supporting now so called alternative therapy such as culture.

I’m aware of the wrong associations to the word “alternative” itself. I myself would call certain therapies (music therapy in this case) traditional. Simply because for example music was long before any synthetic pills. And because “alternative” can suggest, music is an alternative to pills. It’s not alternative to anything, music is there from the beginning in all of us. Pills can be an alternative in certain cases, a good alternative. But for god’s sake, try the traditional methods first.

It is utterly boastful to close the doors for traditional methods and basic human needs in the name of economy.

Thank you for the music!


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