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Under the Iceberg

Posted on 23 September 2012 by Judit

This is a reminder that those million lives we have already lived are not the past but the present: they are here and now. They cannot be ignored, denied, silenced or simply locked up in a chest of drawers called Past or Previous Reincarnations. They cannot be left alone, because left alone they can do horrible things – like teenagers left alone without any task. These million lives have no consciousness in the present, but we are able to make them conscious, to give them tasks. Because it is not a coincidence that they are here. That we experience directly is only the surface of the iceberg,  that we are carrying under water is also us.

Whales, skates, seals and other aquatic creatures are able to see what we cannot see only feel: it’s huge and heavy, it’s holding a whole ice surface on the surface of the water . I’m not listening to either the seamen or the seers. I’m listening to the songs of the whales, the delicate vibration os the wings of the skates, and what distance do the school of herrings swimming from me. The border of the million lives is approximately there.

I’ve purchased a sonar. It may be useful. But eventually, you can learn how to hear the sound vibrations with naked ears.

Think that the completeness, that which is already here and now, just we cannot hear it, can be made conscious with improving hearing.
Scratching the surface from down under.

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