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Posted on 16 March 2012 by Judit

How did Pilate get into the Credo? – could we ask as well a week ago when in one of Hungary’s prominent daily newpapers the name appeared.

On that day the daily statistics for looked surprisingly high. Way too many visitors for a sunny Saturday morning. Not that it was bad in any way, but of course it makes one curious. It could be clearly seen that the incoming link is from the major left-leaning Hungarian newspaper, Népszabadság. No big surprise either since our editor, Judit Szeles occasionally send in articles to one of the blogs at  Népszabadság – to Tükör (Mirror). When tracking back the article mentioning our website, nevertheless a smaller astonishment hit the place.

It was the article about the shaman of Tuva Republic officially visiting Hungary on Hungary’s national day: 15th March. Gusztáv Megyesi – ex-editor in chief at Élet és Irodalom, now editor and columnist – quoted Jacek Hugo-Bader from our article Sámánok közt (Among shamans, in HU). I myself have been a reader of Megyesi’s articles since I was a child and I like his satirical writings. So no wonder I became overly excited about him mentioning my “tiny, little” website, And it seems I am probably the only one reporting about the Polish journalist’s, Jacek Hugo-Bader book about his adventures in Siberia ( White Fever ). There was a chapter translated into Hungarian in a now not existing weekly (ed. Csontos János), which I happened to read and mentioned in a blog entry. And a short paragraph got saved from the media storm in Hungary.

This made it possible to increase the number of visitors on our home site for the entire weekend and even some more days. Good that some curious readers takes the trouble to track the links and check the original sources. Some of them might well be interested in topics is providing. Being quoted or linked to other sites makes possible that one can find sites of her or his interest.

Gusztáv Megyesi’s article can be found at Népszabadság Online (NOL) under the title: És nemzetközivé lesz…

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