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Sunday mumblings

Posted on 27 December 2009 by Judit

What did i want to say? oh yeah, a little summary of everything i had wanted to blog about but lost inspiration (due to personal issues with depression)

  • seen and smelled Eddie Izzard in Oslo the other day
  • worked myself to exhaustion and had loads of pain last week and the week before
  • was surprised that one of the biggest local foodstores, called Konsum underestimated the consumption and they had empty shelves before/during Christmas
  • started reading but has very little motivation
  • finished the Advent-project with lots of sweat and tears in btw
  • listened to iPhone with huuuuge studio headphones (Spotify Premium all around the village..hehehehe)
  • by the way iPhone i’m twittering and facebooking day and night 😛
  • almost forgot that I survived Christmas without daughter, with Martin’s relatives – got stomach,gall or/and kidney problem recently, and it started before Christmas with loss of apetite, so not much foodie food for me this year

The word longing after is “epekedik” in Hungarian, stem is “epe” which means gall. OK, now put it together. I’m longing, longing, longing after something/one I’m not supposed to get, right? or what then? I feel misplaced. Haven’t been able to read for ages, not to talk about writing. It’s kind of abnormal for a literature teacher, I guess. All right, give it up, give it up! Find something else, new…Damn it! easy to say. I’m lost. Must be some meaning in it. otherwise it just looks suffering for me. 😉 Well, there are several ways of fucking up your life. I chose the “play death”. See you next year!

PS Even transvestite lesbians make me horny. 😛


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Punk Kitty

Posted on 25 December 2009 by Judit


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Sushi-party in Ejgst

Posted on 11 December 2009 by Judit

Last night there were two blinking police cars which draw my attention to the motorway E6 nearby. We have perfect view from out house towards the gas station and the E6, and since one of the police cars was blinking at the gas station, I thought there was something happening there. There is a rather big parking lot with lots of trucks usually, it’s the very last stop for them (and perhaps for some smugglers and drug dealers as well) before the Norwegian border.

My boyfriend was out walking the dogs, so I was a little bit worried about them too. But as they came back, I got a report about the events. there was a truck driving from Norway south on the E6, and where the motorway ends, and the speedlimit drops from 110 km/h to 50 km/h because of road construction, it tilted and 25 tons of fishguts poured on the road and around.

Well, the exact place is called Eigst, and before the roadconstruction i had a friend living there. He was an old hermit only living for his plants, among them real rare examples which was demolished when they started reconstructing the E6. Of course he had to move, but he couldn’t move all the trees and shrubbery which surrended his house.

Among the trees was an 8 meter tall wonderful larch from the Kuril Islands (Larix gmelinii var. japonica). Not very many examples of this tree in Sweden. I was deeply touched when I heard that the trees would be cut down. But now I can feel a bit as if it was the revenge of the Kuril larch that the whole truckload if fishguts got to envelope the constructing area.

It took a while to clean up that 25 tons of biological weapon , and I can imagine, this morning the construction workers could still feel the ground stinking.

Eigst used to be a magical place: the old botanist and his exotic collection, sandlizzards, dancing fairies and trolls…And now they have no home. It was the least they could do to express their disapointment with making the road stink! 🙂


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