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Tolnai Otto: Don’t come back

Posted on 05 August 2008 by Judit

Don’t come back

why are you shaking i ask
i am shivering he says
wolves encircling a trembling dog
why are you shivering i ask
i am afraid he says
i am afraid to return from america
but you haven’t gone away yet i say
i am afraid
even so i am afraid to return he says
for months i have crouched in this shed
watching the ridge of the rusting roof
grazing each fleecy cloud passing
the flock of clouds opening up
their wounds drenching us in a shower of blood
like the billowing filmscreen engulfing the little blind boy
then i say indeed there is no other way
don’t come back
don’t come back if you haven’t gone away yet

translated: Agnes Kaan-Borostyankoi


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